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Our Company

Oppa Treats was founded in 2019 by Peter Hong, who started off by doing pop-ups and collaborations with local businesses.. but hospitality wasn't always on the map for him. 

Originally working in the banking sector, he dabbled in hospitality on weekends at restaurants such as Top Knot, Uchi and Haute Sweets Patisserie -- mostly doing volunteer work, as time in the kitchen was more of a hobby for him.

In 2016, he took a trip to Japan and Korea and saw first-hand the love and passion that went into making each delicate rice cake. This gave him a new found admiration for Eastern desserts and he was thrilled to introduce this to all his friends.

In 2017, he decided to leave familiarity and relocated to San Francisco, where he began his culinary journey, gaining valuable experience as part of the team that opened Sunday at the Museum.


After some time, he realized that his heart had always belonged to the great state of Texas, so he packed his bag and returned home -- seasoned with experience to bring his passion to the DFW area.... and thus, Muffies were born.



Muffies are bite-size pastries that are crispy on the outside but full of chewy goodness on the inside. A dessert built upon nolstagic American flavor and infused with a mochi twist. A fusion of East with West, essence with texture -- the Muffie.

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